Wednesday, October 27, 2010

About the Streamyx Offer


I'm back again after some time. This time explaining more on this Streamyx CoolUniPack which is not as cool as it sounds to many.

1st of all, make sure you're in a public uni or in a selected private uni, preferably in 1st or 2nd year of study (i'm not so sure as to which private unis are the selected few).
  1. Go to any TM Point, and ask for the CoolUniPack subscription/application form.
  2. Go back to your uni with those forms, get approval from HEP or faculty office stamped on the form.
  3. This is for private uni's, get also an approval letter from the HEP stating this student is so and so, student in this uni, and in his/her 1st or 2nd year of study. (I'm not sure how to obtain it but i think you need this for application by students in private uni's - ask the TM Point guy again if you need this)
  4. After all is done, get a photocopy of your identity card and student card. If the telephone line is not under your name, you will need a photocopy of the owner's identity card also.
  5. Submit the completed form and wait for your Streamyx to come.
  6. Within 14 days from your Streamyx installation, the netbook will reach you.
That's the step to apply for CoolUniPack. But please be aware that if you currently have a Streamyx connection but is not under the applying student's name, there are a couple of options for you as the Streamyx line need to be under the student's name:-
  • Terminate the existing Streamyx but not the telephone line, wait for 30 days cooling off period. May be faster if you keep rushing them 24/7. Then install the CoolUniPack on the existing line.
  • Terminate both existing Streamyx and telephone line. No need to wait for the cooling off period as there is nothing to cool off. Install a new telephone line. Then install the CoolUniPack on the new phone line.
  • Apply for the CoolUniPack and a new telephone line. Wait for the new phone line to come in and then the CoolUniPack. Then terminate the old Streamyx and telephone line or just the Streamyx if you want to keep the phone number.
I might miss out something in this post here as it had already been months since my application. If any of you have questions to ask. Do not hesitate to post comments here or just buzz me on my Facebook or MSN or GTalk or just e-mail me.

Joe Out~