Thursday, November 5, 2009

A trip to HP Tower~

Hey all,

Today came home early due to some work outside office. What may that be? Sending 2 laptops and a freakishly heavy printer to HP tower service center.

Left office around 2:30 pm, relying on my handy N78's Garmin XMobile. I am able to get there safe and sound. Parked my car at B2 and then i noticed something... there are no elevator on that floor. The trolley i brought along to drag the heavy printer seems to be of no use since... all i see is stairs. Either you carry all your stuffs to B1 or roll them down to B4. I chose to carry them with my bare hands. Got heavily influenced by those barbarian in FCSIT UM.

Got to Ground floor, put my stuffs aside and i proceed to ask the security there, where is the service center. The one of the best news of the day "Just a short walk, you see the elevator there... turn left". Carried all the stuffs and myself there to find a door... and i thought to myself, "I wonder if i can push the door using my shoulder." and luckily, there's another guy wanting to enter to. A big thanks to him.

Got my queue number and rest. While resting... i could feel my hands trembling like some earthquake. Overuse them i guess.

Checked in all the items just to find out the printer is obsolete and couldn't be repaired. That could only mean carrying it back to the car which is SICK!!! Settling all the stuffs and carried the printer to the elevator. Bad news... i forgot to take notice which floor i parked at. Took the elevator down to B4 just to climb stairs back to B2. Carrying the heavy printer all the while. Lucky that i magically transform the 2 laptops into 2 pieces of paper (repair receipt) earlier.

Got into my car pay the parking token and left heading home. Reached home at 5:15pm and start blogging. And here... you have my story of the day.

Joe out~


  1. u work for so long ar? from 2:30AM (midnite) to 5:15PM (evening)

  2. eh... salah time... gila me...

    that's what happened when you overworked yourself.


  3. haha,i find that sushi like to check on ppl time,last time i also kena