Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new year~ a new start~

Just get myself started with blogging and try to get a post in before 1st of January 2009 pass by. I wonder how many of my friends got their own blog and kept them updated all the time. I also wonder how long can i keep up with this blogging thing as i am quite lazy and stuff if you've learn to know me. But let's make a minor resolution here for this year; to get myself atleast 1 post every 2 weeks. That number should do fine, not stressing myself and yet a close update.

Previously i got my blog on friendster, but after awhile i lost interest in it and now... it lies unattended in the ruins of friendster. Anyway, it's nothing much written in there, just some simple poem and stuffs.

A happy and eventful new year to all my friends. Good year ahead~

Joe out~


  1. pls do remember to update ur blog la...2weeks one?mane the rest?

  2. mmg fu hin giler punyer post~~~ hoho~~