Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm back~

I know, I know… my resolution got blown into smithereens 2 weeks after my 1st post. I said that I’m quite lazy to begin with. Let’s see, I’d missed a lot of chance to blog about all the events that happened in the last 2 months. Let’s do some recaps here, most prolly be missing a lot of things but let’s go.

Went cycling at Bukit Cahaya with my bunch of close friends on 10th JanuaryIt looks just like we're at some kampung. The relaxing feel we can never forget

My freezing friends from left: KaiSien, PeiLing, ShookYean, and FanSheng

Next up, celebrated Chinese New Year with my family at Pavilion, KL at 27th of January
Introducing my closest relatives. Ok ok, the one on the right is my sister's boyfriend.

Here's my extended family. They're really close with me. Oh and looky at the golden ox,
we're actually encouraged to touch it by Pavilion, KL.

Last but not least for this post, an eventful day on 12th February
We start off our day by helping FanSheng organise the MS talk, LiTheen helped too.

And we end our day by having a dinner at Midvalley Megamall's Pi sa hart. Ok, LiTheen joined us too.
She's the one holding camera here... perhaps in most of the photos... or all of em.

I think these photos are the ones that I got my hands on. There still other photos out there, waiting for me to claim them. It’ll take some time… it’ll definitely take some time.

Anyway, I’ll try my best to update as frequent as possible… I’m too lazy even to customize my ugly looking blog. I guess that practically sums up 25% of what I've experienced in the last 2 months.

Joe out~

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