Monday, October 19, 2009

Berjaya Hill a.k.a. Bukit Tinggi~


It's yet another late post. But as promised this one will be about Bukit Tinggi. Some of you may have already been there but some of you might not have even heard of this place. It's as the title says Berjaya Hill also known as Bukit Tinggi (we'll just call it Bukit Tinggi as it is more familiar to the locals). To tell you the truth... i was having a tough time looking for these photos.

Here we go~

These are the people involved in this lunacy
From left: Kai, Auntie, Me, Mama Ling, FanSheng

The above 2 are what I thought out and thanks to FanSheng for making it happen

Me having nothing better to do

Let's take photo... JAPAN STYLE!!! BANZAI!!!

Me trying to get myself a nice picture

Too many pictures to share, so... maybe i should just crap something in the middle. Towards the top of Bukit Tinggi, you'll notice there's 2 road both leading to a place with unique culture/environment. One to the Japanese Village while the other to Colmar Tropicale, a French-themed resort. First, we got ourselves to Japanese Village just to satisfy the heart of the girls in my car (so that they don't torture me and the teddy, this is so that they let both of us go).

There's a parking lot before getting there. It is advised to park here and wait for the shuttle to get you there. We didn't figure there's a shuttle service and yes... you guess it right, we walked up the hill. It's somewhat a healthy exercise and well worth it.

There's plenty of green here, there's even a Japanese style restaurant just to feed some hungry soul. We have yet to give it a try and to honestly tell, there really isn't any hungry soul in there besides the employees. Leaving the restaurant and heading further away from the entrance will lead you to some garden and to some rest huts (see picture on left).

The further you get from the entrance, the more exciting it becomes as you will see more and more Japanese style houses. These houses are there to serve as spa house. If you had successfully follow what i'm writing until now, you would end up at two old wooden Japanese style shacks. Here is where the ladies go crazy. These shacks provide kimono renting service and also serene environment for photo taking. See how our girls become Japanese beauties.

We really spent most our time taking photos in Japanese Village. Next up, the French neighbourhood. You'd have to drive back to the forked road and take the other way now. It will take a short drive there and sheltered parking spots are provided. The place wasn't as huge as I expected and it only took us about 10 minutes walk from the entrance to the very back of the village where the clock tower is located.

Climbing up the tower is no problem, but when we got up there. Wind gets stronger and rain starts to fall though not a heavy one but you can see how the condition is (<--). As things get a lil dangerous, we decided to leave the clock tower and get ourselves to safety. Honestly the foods and beverages there doesn't impress me. The options are quite limited, we've chosen a restaurant in the middle of the village which serves food similar to Kenny Roger's Roaster but in a larger portion. Quite delicious i would say, I enjoy the mashed potato and chicken of course ( I love eating chicken).

One thing that i'm not quite satisfy with Colmar Tropicale is that you will have to listen to loud hip hop music as they have hip hop, break dance performance on the stage in the middle of the village. That's really a little out of place, i was expecting soothing music away in a beautiful photo taking location like this. Even the clown is a little disturbing to me. But none the less we still enjoy our photo taking around Colmar.

It is a truly enjoyable place for photo taking session. Overall, I enjoy this place very much with my bunch of crazy friends. Would be happy to do this crazy thing again but not so soon. We've still got many more place to visit and enjoy. I still have a lot of places that I'd visited that i wanted to post up. It'll take some time, hope all my friends who still visit my blog could bear with me.

By the way, if you enjoy this post and wanted to see more photo of this trip. Please do check them out at facebook. They should be posted up by KaiSien and PeiLing. Hope this post tempted you to do outing with your friends. Make it happen and make them happy.

Joe out~


  1. double thumbs up! Nice post :D Keep it up but not to hutang too many look nice with the teddy..thanks to me ....=P

  2. This time this post sounded more like a promo post than the usual one... hahaha... looks good tho

  3. is really a late post oh,i see the photos long long time ago in fb > < ,hope to read more post from you in the future...

  4. sabar ya... sebab sabar itu separuh dari iman...

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