Sunday, October 4, 2009

Broga Hill Hike; First Trip~


This post will be about the first trip to Broga Hill on 23rd of August. At first, I was thinking of putting both trips in this one post but i noticed the post got a little bit too long when i haven't even finish talking bout the first trip. So... let's split them in two ya. This is the trip that starts it all, my liking to adventure and healthy type of outing. So... let the story begins~

It was a sudden trip for trip 1, as we got our plan finalize just the night before or more accurately 2 hours before we set off. The trip was planned in a yum cha session we had prior to the trip. After the yum cha session i got my butt home at 2am and went to sleep with intention of waking at 4am so we would be able to make it for sunrise. And so, i set my alarm up and got myself wake on time. Start driving at 4:30am, and the first person i picked up is Timberson. After getting him on my car and we went to get PoE. This trip is really funny as we mistaken where this Broga Hill might be at and rushed ourselves towards the wrong direction. Just halfway then we asked each other again where this place is at, then we knew something is wrong.

Luckily we are able to get ourselves there on time before sunrise. When we reached the place, i was a little surprised to see so many cars parked in the palm oil farm. I too got myself a parking there. When i turn off the headlights of my car, what i see is pitch black. And so, we got ourselves ready (with flashlights). Started our hike in pitch black condition following some other hikers there. The hike is quite dangerous as the condition of the hill is wet and slippery. But none the less, we managed to drag ourselves up to the resting place up top (still not the peak). When up there, the only logical thing to do is PHOTO SESSION!!! We are crazy enough to do all senseless photo shot including some jumping shot (dang tired still need to jump a few dozen times to capture the perfect jumping moment). Here are some other shots taken by PoE, i don't think i have the rest yet.
This is how it looks up there, calm and serene, away from the urban jungle

We've conquered the TOP!!!
With a cloudy blue sky behind us. Even sky can't be a limit to what we want to do in our lifes
My shoes... T-T... they were very clean

The conquerors!

As you can see from some of the pictures, the view is spectacular. You gotta come visit here with your friends, love ones, family or whoever you want. I highly recommend this place for those adventure seeking newbies as it is an easy climb to the top. Took approximately 30-60 minutes

After we're done with our photo shots, got ourselves to our ride. After a climb, nothing can be more satisfying than a delicious dim sum at the famous dim sum restaurant in Connaught with your bunch of friends after a good climb. The day turn out to be a sunny day and lucky us to be able to get ourselves off the hill before the sun scorches us.

Overall the whole trip is really fun and we did enjoy ourselves to the fullest. Got there on time before sunrise but too bad the cloudy weather is not suitable for us to catch the sunrise. We only managed to see the sky turning bright and an orange gleam of light behind the clouds rising. It's a good spot for photography fans too as the hill is good for scenery shots. Once again, recommended place for adventure lovers.

The next post will most probably be about the trip to Bukit Tinggi, Broga second trip, Malacca trip or even on a picture i'm working on using GIMP. So... stay tuned.

Joe out~

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