Sunday, September 27, 2009

When NBTD~


Some of you might be wondering what is NBTD... it simply stands for Nothing Better To Do. Some of you maybe gaming, watching tv, day dreaming, sleeping, etc etc. When i have nothing better to do. I'll just grab myself a piece of paper and draw. But recently, i found out that Microsoft has improved their MS Paint. And so, i drew using MS Paint and my trusty mouse.

The outcome? here you go...

The drawing is very rough i say... Hope to get myself a tablet for drawing but... maybe later. Hahahahaaa. It's not like it's a necessity. Hope you enjoy my short post and feel free to drop a comment.

Joe out~


  1. hahha...nice piece of art...keep it up and am sure it would be much better drawing using a tablet..

  2. hahaa.... need keep drawing... then should be able to grasp how to draw nicely using mouse