Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Futsal Competition?~


As the title says, I participated in a Futsal competition which me myself did not register for. It was a competition between churches and I'm representing one of them. How things turn to be?

At Saturday night, like usual, I ask Ken if we're playing Futsal on Sunday (16th August) and he replied, "Oh, they are having competition" and I was like... "Oh... ok...". But then comes the shocking news, "Oh, you're in too" and I was like OMGWTFBBQ??!! Perhaps this is the first Futsal competition that i have been in. I was shocked and at the same time very excited.

When Sunday came, me, my family, my aunt and uncle went to have our brunch at Taman Paramount (we had our loh pan mee there) and after that I just went home and prepare myself for the game. What I did before we get there is... I slept the whole journey. Haks haks haks. When we got there, we were given our jerseys. I was hunting for the number 5 since it is my favorite number. Too bad it's in XL which is a little too big for me. And so, i opt for number 3, which comes next in my mind (Paolo Maldini wore that number too).

After getting ourselves in jerseys and so start our training session. I'll let some comic strip tell you what happened during the training session.
Click on the picture to enlarge. And it's true, that's what happened. There's still blood stain on the lace of my right shoe to-date. I just went to toilet and clean the blood with tap water then apply bandage and continue a short training.

It's our turn to play, as usual, i start as a Goalkeeper. In the 1st game i let in around 5 goals. Can't risk hurting my knee anymore but still we won 7-6. Our second game was a better one, winning 8-1 and our last game was a draw 4-4. Our team proves to be the strongest and toughest to beat. I was hoping to play striker or winger on all of these games but it was lucky of me to be playing full all three games. Being the one of the few that play full all games, i was happy the team relied on me but also sad to not able to contribute much due to knee injury.

This post was suppose to be up long time ago but due to some recent dispute, it's put on hold. Lucky it got publish today. There's more to come, including Broga Hill expedition, Berjaya Hill trip and many more (which most i had forgotten, pictures will remind me).


Joe out~


  1. the comic quite funny,are you face really like that??sob...sob,pain,pain,hahahaha

  2. haha... the last one... not sure how true... but de pain... stinging pain... n i also shocked

  3. Wow..nice comic strips..you drew? hahaha!!!
    What broga hill and all tak ajak!!!

  4. Yeap i drew... broga hill... hill hiking place... see future post