Monday, August 3, 2009


Hi guys,

Those who're close to me will probably know I'm looking at buying a new cellphone. This is due to my phone, O2 Atom Life just decided to die on me. Now repairing the poor gal, and when I get it back, I'll sell it.

Even though my W550c is up and running after i sent it in for a repair, I don't think it will operate long enough due to the weak battery power. Even the LCD screen of this gal is kinda faded. She will serve as a back up cause i'm planning to get a Maxis prepaid, youth club for the youthful me.

Now the dilemma is that I can't seem to choose from these phones, Nokia N78, Nokia N79 and Nokia N82. How do they fare against each other? Click here to check out their specs. Ok, for those of you who may not understand or is too lazy to look at that. it's like this:

  • Cheapest, est. RM 790
  • Weakest in terms of specs, 3.2MP camera, no accelerometer, no camera cover, the most value for money.
  • More expensive, est. RM990
  • In terms of specs, this babe is in the middle, 5.0MP camera, with accelerometer, camera cover, xpress-on cover, design wise is more trendy, comes with 4GB memory stick, the latest phone among the 3.
  • Priced around the same price as N79 but there's difference in price for different color, i wonder why. White: RM955, black: RM1005
  • The most powerful in terms of specs, 5.0MP camera with Xenon flash, with accelerometer & camera cover, faster processor, has 3D accelerator
  • The bad: design is ugly, it's oldest among the 3, no FM transmitter, lowest operating time

I think that's about all, all of these are very tempting and it's hard to choose only one out of the 3. Maybe i'll have my decision next week or so but until then i'll be thinking hard on which to choose. My budget allows me to get N78 while N79 and N82 is kinda out of my budget a little.

So... anyone of you want to sponsor me? You can choose to bank in to my account or just pass me the cash... Hahaha.

Joe out~


  1. In my opinion, I think N79 would be better..If you are planning to use this for long then why not get a better one so that you it can last your interest longer..yes,it is more expensive but according to the specs it it far more,i vote for N79..=P

  2. thanks... i'm thinking between N79 and N82 too. it's hard to pick a clear winner between them. but i'm more in favour to N79 for now.

    so... u wanna sponsor me?

  3. I also need sponsor eh...=.= sponsor rm1 can ar?consider sponsor also ma..small contribution lor...

  4. i also suggest for N79 ^^,sponsor for RM1 is not a problem,haha

  5. sumbody changed his mind not to buy new Hp...
    i dedicate a song for u la ~ "you change your mind like a girl changes clothes"

  6. no la... girl changes clothes so frequent punya...

    i either in dilemma or dunwan only... din linger between each other also...

    Nothing --> dilemma --> dunwan

    so easy, n short life

  7. later u change yr mind again

    nothing --> dilemma --> dunwan --> consider

  8. haha... if there's something after dunwan... it'll definitely be decision

    nothing --> dilemma --> dunwan --> decision

    and it'll take quite some taim before getting there