Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting Lazy, Busy and Explosive~

Hi guys,

Back again with a simple post here. Recently been quite busy with stuffs around me. A better reason would be... me being more lazy and hanging in forum. I would just open some threads and keep spamming and talking crap there.

Recently also got myself hung up to a game, Maple Story. Blame Fan Sheng, blame Fan Sheng... how the voices resounded in my head. But I'm happy to enjoy the fun time i have. Don't want to stress myself too much.

Lately... i notice I'm easily angered. I'm trying my best to be honest with all my friends. Like this morning, I wanted to say something like "what if i don't know how to write my own Chinese name... What the F*** does it has to do with you? Do you F**KING enjoy looking down on people?". But I could refrain myself from doing so. Friends, I'm usually not that easily angered but bear with me too ya. Maybe this is due to some stress, sadness and the down time I'm suffering from recently. A lot had happened and I'm doing my best to cope with all the stuffs. I be doing my very best to control myself so rest assured, my beloved friends.

Enough with all the bad and ugly stuffs... thinking of a short getaway this weekend. To Broga Hill, Semenyih perhaps? Anyone knows how to get there or is interested? Do contact me ya.

Joe out~


  1. Outing outing? =x
    ehh saw my name @ 'not-so-nice' section.. hahahah
    * poison waichor poison waichor *

  2. haha,start with your chinese name --> 威祖??then should be less 1 thing to be angered with,hehe