Saturday, August 15, 2009


The above writes :
When your friend ask you if you know how to write your name in chinese
Positive answer : No wor..No one taught me about that.
You can answer :" What the F*** does it has to do with you? Do you F**King enjoy looking down on people?"

Hi, does the above picture ring a bell or make you feel like you've seen it somewhere? Yes correct, it's in my previous post. It's an exact copy too.

Let me inject all of you with more details shall I. It happened one day when someone asked me if i know how to write my own name in Chinese and so I replied like normal, "if you asked me this years ago, I'll be able to. Now... no way i forget". But, does she has to rub salt on the wound by following up with insulting stuffs like "hey... you're the 1st i knew... come on... try write your own name... really you're the only one i know among all my friends.". It may sound nothing to the person who said that but it's insulting to me. I replied her with "yea right... go grab someone on the street. I bet many more is like me". And still the same... she repeated the above. I have decided to distance myself to calm down. It's ok to ask me if i know how to write, but don't continue the insult.

And so, after a few days have past and I'm in my blogging mood but nothing to blog about. I wrote about this bad experience i have had. She came back to me, saying it was a joke (but not apologizing). Recently, I visited her blog and she's written something like that. She's trying to bring up this after saying it was a joke. Oh yeah, I'll remember to give worse reply in the future.

When someone is not in a good mood, don't try to make insulting jokes. It will only anger someone more.

Joe out~


  1. I am so so sorry if I'd make this big misunderstanding in your life..I am not thinking as you think I am..I was just trying to make it not-so-serious about the previous post of yours so that we would be like normal like how we used to be..tht's the reason why I post the quote up like nothing big has happened..else I won't do that..I will just keep quiet and do nothing..Brother, i am hurt as well by ur previous post.. I am a human being too..although you never said that F*** words to me but it sounds the same when you posted it in your has nothing different like you gave me few thight slap on my face..I am not keeping it to myself anymore..I am treating you as my friend all these while that's why I keep it and i thought I will get thru these..why I am the one who need to keep all my sad feelings and now you did this by posting it up?If you need explaination on my post come ask me..I seriosuly don't mean a thing to even insult you..I can write and even say thousands of apologies to you but i don't find a reason why..since the question I asked about the chinese stuff..I am not insulting...NOT AT ALL! was just trying to find a topic since I see you moody in the morning and trying to make jokes..I have nothing to say if you think that I am insulting..I am sorry and I will keep my mouth shut for you for my life time.

  2. Jokes are jokes... try other kind of joke and come back. Once is already enough, posting on the blog while quoting something from my blog post really crosses the line. It was already humiliating when you said I'm a Chinese who doesn't know chinese. Calling me a banana is enough. You don't need to bombard me with those 'fantabulous' replies. Like i said in the post, you do not cheer people up by making fun of them. Laugh on your side is one more scar in my heart in this case.

    Like i said also, it's a really low time for me, I'll be easily agitated. Those tiny remarks may give you your so called joke, but it really hurts me deep. Yes, i do take it personally.

    If you still insist on what you had just commented here is right, then take it as a mistake on my side. Yes, you can put the blame on me like what Akon sang.

    Btw... you have a lot of good friends (not me, i am not)... love them and appreciate them.

  3. I am sorry..I am sure i didn't say you chinese do not know chinese..I am just saying you do not know chinese name..I may have the right to say you chinese do not know chinese if I myself know..whatever it is just stop here.

  4. Saying that i'm a chinese who doesn't even know how to write my own chinese name spark the same kind of damage if not worse. Why worse? because i got it from someone who claims she doesn't have the right to say so.

  5. meh hai ooo?
    quarrel over such a petty matter? yo bro, i can understand when u're down you will easily agitated but to this extend where you throw ur tantrum at her for failing to apprehend your emotion at that point of time is completely unfair one knows how you feel but yourself.

    if she don't raise that question to you well someone else would too because that's the most typical question a chinese would ask another fellow chinese citizen. if your aunt ask you the same question will you be flustered? i believe ur answer will be differ(bias) due to ur blood relationship with her

    i'm not trying to take side.i'm trying to give a neutral point of view which angle and perspection that both of u . ppl asked me can i write my own name in chinese i would proudly say i could but this doesn't make me any much different from u bro coz its a fact im english educated and i still clearly have a grave disadvantage in the working world as i could only write limited chinese letter but i do not fret as i see this as a thrust for me to learn chinese words.

    i personally dont feel its degrading asking such question. its degrading if she say ure handicapped or a limp. because she's basically attacking ur personal character which a character that u cant change for the rest of ur life.ur stucked that way for the rest of ur life. its not personal if she imply ure a banana because u stil have room for improvement to be not as banana as u r rite now. its not personal if u can change the fact. if its ever gonna be personal, every kid that are called a stupid just because they havn't acquire that particular knowledge which they argued upon would curtail them from learning new things. knowledge are endless. do u ever feel degradingly inferior when u first come to work and know nothing about ur jobscope as wat u study in uni doesnt apply entirely in the working life? u wont becoz u will learn how to adapt.

    stupid is not degrading but FUCK stupid is hell ya degrading. anyway i think both of u should not be mad at each other because its just a bloody misunderstanding. and btw start learning how to write ur chinese name god damn it otherwise u will encounter the same misunderstanding with another person again.

  6. asking me is ok... pushing it further is what takes me to the boiling point at that very moment. No matter if that person is blood related or not, hell WILL break lose.

    A simple sorry at that moment would have just calm things down... but no, i got crap in return. I can tell you honestly, a simple sincere sorry was just all i wanted.

    You can read it from my previous post, what i wrote. I kept it to myself, and would have just let it go. But no~, she had to put it in her blog and make it a joke. There's a limit to how much crap one can take.

    I try hard not being a jerk here, not mentioning anyone's name in the previous post. She could have just confronted me that time but no, she decided to turn it into another joke. When one's angry, anything else besides an apology is just desrespectful and adding oil to the burning hatred.

    You can ask any of my friends in my secondary if i had been this explosive or unforgiving before. no, why? They apologizes when they make this kinda joke. I can tell you my experience being an AJK who doesn't know chinese in Chinese Language Society. They want me to give a speech in mandarin which i have no one sentence that i could complete. But after that, they just say "it's just for the LOL and we're SORRY". Even in their camp where the clues to treasure hunt is in Chinese, i can still play and work with them. I don't mind not able to write, but does she has to bombard me with such follow-ups (and yeah this includes the blog post)?

    Sometimes a simple sorry can be so powerful. I CAN tolerate to a limit. BTW... it's over...

    Thanks for the concern

  7. yup i agree with would definitely hurt me too if someone put it on their blog and treat it as a joke without first letting me know that she's going to do what she did.

    its good that its over.