Sunday, August 2, 2009

An Eventful Sunday~

Yo.... the continue to the last post...

The Sunday in this post refers to 19th July 2009. Let's try reversing back to the part where my mom called me up. Haha... need refresh refresh awhile.

Oh... me and my family went to my aunt's house for breakfast... it's already lunch for my aunt's side, Haha. We went opposite Kopitiam for a starter, I ate some chicken rice. After the chicken rice, we head straight to SS2 for DURIAN!!! At first we thought that it's all you can eat, but it's not served during the weekend. I'm amazed by their service. They have people catering to each table, checking the quality of the durian meat, replacing which ever that is not up to standard. I iz the amaze.

After the durian makan'ing session, me and my sister's boyfriend went for a futsal session. Same thing after such a long while, still can't sync with my shoes (getting used to it the week after, i can feel my shot power is already 90% full power). Not a good performance from me.

After the futsal session went back to my aunt's house and preparing ourselves for dinner. We went to 118 Food Court for our dinner. Wow... the environment is quite nice and pleasant. The lighting is ok, using yellowish light looks calm and romantic but kinda out of place. There are a lot of stalls there and variety of different dishes ranging from satay, chicken wings to delicacies from the foreign land. I walked around two rounds cause it's hard to make decision on which i want. End up choosing Cantonese Fried Mee (yin yong) and even ordered a plate of hou jin (fried oyster). yum yum.

It's a nice family day out for me.

I will update again very soon and sorry for the delay.

Joe out~

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