Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Eventful Saturday~


A late post from me, sorry to all my readers/followers. It's a really tiring weekend for me as I did not even get enough rest. Feeling drowsy from yesterday till now but I'm loving my weekend.

All of you must be wondering what had happened during the weekend, where I went? What I did? Guess my title and introduction kinda attracts you eh. Haha... let's not waste anytime.

Friday after work, I played a good game of table tennis till 9pm if i'm not mistaken, work end at 5:30 pm by the way. I always enjoy a good sport although not really good in it. When I finally realized it was that late, I get myself home as fast as I could. Why you ask? Hehe... to contact my friends for outing on Saturday. We planned and planned and finally we got ourselves an outing to Taman Bukit Cahaya.

Due to sleeping late... wake also late la, woke 1 hour later than scheduled. Drove myself like a jet to Li Theen's place and get her to Fan Sheng's place. Halfway there, the fuel warning light starts blinking. Picked up Fan Sheng and lead the pack (Pei Ling is in another car) to a refuel station nearby. After refueling, we head directly to Bukit Cahaya. Nice place to get good fresh air and view. Got ourselves a bicycle each and wee hoo... cycling we go. Up the hill and down the hill, pass some paddy fields with huge yield (our pictures). Enjoyed ourselves in the Seasonal House, Got ourselves to the top of Menara Pandang Jauh. Oh... and not to forget... the animal park.

After the cycling session, we got ourselves good lunch at KFC, Giant, Kelana Jaya. Not long before we leave KFC, I got a message from Poh Yee asking if I wanted to go to the 33rd Bon Odori in Shah Alam. I was like... "FUN!!... eh... didn't i just came back from Shah Alam?" but who cares and I replied with a YES. Then I asked if Fan Sheng wanna tag along and guess what... he too said YES. Apa lagi (what more?), we prepared ourselves, send Li Theen home and head over to the gathering point which is in Miharja. The 8 of us, me, Fan Sheng, Poh Yee, Kok Hong, Lum, She Yen, Ah Hung and his friend sped off to Panasonic Stadium, Shah Alam. We got some souvenirs, ate some ice (cream) and we DANCE to the MUSIC. Ok... it's not some kinda Rave party, disco or dangdut. It's cultural Japanese dance. You see Fan Sheng dances too, a rare sight.

After that, we drove off to Millennium Square in PJ for dinner. Dine in Piccadilly and got myself a good lamb chop for a reasonably cheap price (RM14.90). We chat and chat and even share our food. By the end of the day, I just sent Fan Sheng, Poh Yee home and got into bed. Got myself a good slumber sleep as soon as I'm in contact with the bed as it was already 2am in the morning or 3. Haha... can't really remember.

Suddenly, I was awoken by the calling of my mom... what happened?

To be continue... in An Eventful Sunday~

Thanks to Fan Sheng... More pictures to come for each individual event.

Joe out~


  1. you reminded me about those photos..=P give you tomorrow yea..and by the way,you left us with curiosity..what happened after your mum wake you up?

  2. Dont have to mention so specific that is rare to see me dance. Everyone danced there. >.<

  3. @Anon: After my mum woke me ah... to be continued in the next post... maybe tonight.

    @Fansheng: Haha... need to be specific la... where else can we see you dance. Although i didn't actually see it but i sense fansheng dancing behind... Muahahahaahahaaaa... shoot... they will all think i teach u bad stuffs

  4. Sense pulak >.<
    Bad stuff? Want go drink ah? lolx

  5. I also want to go......ahahhaa

  6. drink... let's go...

    drink is de thing hard to tahan...

  7. let's go places with liquor and girls.....haha

  8. errr... liquor and girls... who's this anon... sounds so wrong... hahah... but me likey

  9. haha...later gf kill u ar....

  10. A wonderful evening without me...T.T
    so fun u all....jealous...

  11. hahaha i will post up more wonderful de stuff