Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Clear Blue Sky?

As time goes by since that very sad day, piece by piece starts to fall like an autumn leaf. How long can this tree stay green full of leaves and happiness?

The very earth which form the foundation to this tree starts to dry up and crack, waterless and growing old.

How long can these tears douse the tree? How long can this lifeless tree stand?

Is the sky still blue? Is the sky still clear? as I question myself sitting under this very tree.

The ugly drawing that is me and the tree

In a journey to gather myself, I ask again, will I be able to make it? Will there be a clear blue sky?

As memory of the clear blue sky I once knew fade slowly into the abyss.


  1. Hey hey,why la sounds so blue..?? I missed out something? Since i am just sitting next to you in the office everyday, you can share it to me de wor...or just miss your wife too much? Shall have outing more often huh?

  2. No le...

    Let's have more outing, eh... cannot... no money dy. SHOOT