Thursday, July 9, 2009

Twittering at my blog III~

Hi guys,

The title means it's gonna be another short post.

Recently a lot of... 'not-so-good' things happened which includes my pda gone auto-shutdown and up till now, no signs of it being able to wake from the long slumber. Hoping it was just software problem but it is highly unlikely. Next I would only hope it's the battery that has gone coo coo. Oh god... please don't let it be that the pda itself is dead, my heart would ache.

Another is that I accidentally erased all the pictures in my pda when i flash it, how can i remember to back up all the songs and notes but not the pictures?

Monday and Tuesday was more of a muscle ache as i ran too much during the futsal session in the weekend.

One good news at least, i found out there's a way to save my old phone, W550. Hope it works but I'll be needing DCU-60 cable for Sony Ericsson. If any of you got it and able to lend it to me by this weekend, I'll be a whole lot happier.

I'll keep you guys updated.

Joe out~


  1. oo...I have the cable you want..hehe..hope it could help you...

  2. I want... hope n pray it will work