Friday, February 26, 2010



It's been a really long time. Busy having fun to even update my blog... here goes a short post to keep this place going awhile.

New Year had passed by, CNY is at the very end of it's celebration, how has everyone been?

For me... I got myself hooked up to my old hobby, building up Gundam models. Latest addition to my Gundam family are GN Nadleeh and Susanowo. Some of you may be puzzled by the crazy names these gundams have but never mind that. Let me show you some pictures of the complete models
The one above is GN Nadleeh waiting for colouring.

This pinkish guy is Susanowo.

So... anyone wanted to support the Wai Chor Gundam Fund? You can contact me through my email and msn for further enquiries.

The CNY holiday week had passed by so quickly, hardly felt the lasting of it. Wished it would be longer but then again, we might be asking for more. Don't care about us asking for more... 1 week is just too short.

The study week has started again, find myself lazing around due to some health problem. Not feeling comfortable this whole week... weak and uncomfortable. I wonder what was wrong.

Oh yeah.... i also got my haircut. Now it's so freaking short, not so used to it. Need some time to adapt to this short hair style but i guess i look better this way.

I think i should end crapping now... sorry guys for the late post.


Joe Out~


  1. hehe...yaya.. u look better in short hair...

  2. hahaha... thanks...

    will come up with another post very soon