Friday, March 5, 2010

Action Packed Week~


This week is the most activity packed week throughout the semester so far. Have my classes like usual from Monday to Thursday. Then the office announces that we'll have to attend a talk given by DHL concerning career opportunities there, I assume. But I've heard they're cutting down the IT department, so why are we still being dragged into this shit? Plus, me and my friends had already completed our internship and it's a long 1 year before we'll be eligible for full time work. We would like to spend our time thinking about how to complete our studies before looking into working.

How about weekend? Occupied by workshops... yeap both day, 9am to 5pm and yes.... it's like working hours. The workshop is about Leadership skills and team building by Dr G. It was fun last year as it was organized by my group. Though, ours was just 2 hours session. 2 days plus working hours.... it's a little too extreme for me. Hope I could last half a session. And I still have my futsal session at 7pm - 9pm after the Saturday workshop. Sleep all the way in Sunday workshop... weeeee hooooo~

Let me know what you all think about it?

Joe Out~

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