Friday, March 5, 2010

Fryday Fried~


Today was suppose to be packed but... I woke late and skipped the DHL talk directly. Haha... but then again I have other stuffs to complete.

Went Post Office to pay some bills and then went TM point to enquire about the superb deal, Cool Uni Pack. It's really a good deal for uni students but there's a hidden cue here. For 1st year and 2nd year Uni and college students only. And if you're a current Streamyx user but the account is not under the student's name, then you will need to unsubscribe and re-register it with your name. The free netbook really got my mouth watering but then again, it's too much of a hassle for me. There's a one month cooling period when terminating. I can't imagine my 1 month without Internet connection. Even when I'm watching TV now, I would search for the strange stuffs I heard on the TV. Internet, TV and games... hard to live without them. Might abandon the idea and opt for Grad Pack (slightly similar to Cool Uni Pack w/o the FREE netbook) or BlockBuster Deal.

After the disappointment, went home, rest for awhile then went to pick up my sister. Then went to RHB to get some money to pay for car loan. Paid my car loan and went home... then blog about this and prepare myself for tomorrow... Hope I won't overslept and be late again... hopefully not. My Saturday would be one of my most jam packed day, 9am to 5pm workshop then 7pm to 9pm Futsal. How will i have the endurance to survive on Sunday.

Pray for my well being.

Joe Out~

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