Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lazy me~


Long time no post, it's about half a month... and I'm back... with nothing...

So, imma try to crap for this post and compile what i did in the month of April in the next post. Please do remind me to do that... else... it's gonna be something else.

Recently, there's a lot of ideas popping into my mind like popcorn but the time does not allow me to grow these ideas into action. Time constraint i guess (always blame time when you're lazy). But, i'll let you in on some of my ideas for now. One is Road Trip, it's gonna be from Malacca to Penang (actually it's not my idea, grab it from you-know-who, and take claim). It's gonna be from Malacca --> Seremban --> Perak (we're definitely gonna do something here)--> Penang --> ??? (maybe somewhere else on our way back). But again... I haven't really look into it yet. Another idea is quite... a dare devil act (Codenamed: Dare Devil, DD). This is kinda confidential now... only few know. Message me if you really want to know bout the DD act.

Guess that's all for now. I should be revising for my upcoming exam now, but too lazy lar

Joe out~

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