Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Madness


I'm back~

I think I'm into blogging as I see myself updating more frequently lately. Hope this will last and also hoping to be able to write something interesting for my limited number of audience.

This weekend is again another unproductive weekend as I practically did nothing to contribute to my upcoming exam. No study at all, but most probably be studying after posting this short post.

Now why did I say it's unproductive? Yesterday, I woke at 5:30pm... yes... it's in the evening. Woke with a back pain as I slept too much and feeling groggy the whole remaining day. Went for a futsal game at 7:30pm. Came back at 11:00pm and spent the time before I sleep watching Youtube clips.

Oh, for you who do not know, playing football is a love I developed. Though not really good at it but it's a passion. Let me share with you how my amateur footballing life started. It started in primary school time, if I'm not mistaken standard 3. At one of those recess time that I ate too fast and manage to have quite a number of remaining time, I just walked around and end up at school field where I saw my usual bunch of friends kicking the ball against the fence which they marked as the goal. What I did? Join them and kick around. It was love at first sight. During our physical education, PE class, we will just get into our usual team and start the game. I started as an attacker (striker, forward, winger, midfield) until one day, my team's goalie was absent to school and I volunteered to take the job. That day, I noticed my unusual talent in keeping the ball at bay. Successfully prevented and saved some of the shots. From that day on, I switched from an offensive player to the most defensive player on the field. My career as a goalkeeper was quite a successful one. I was quite a fanatic goalie back then. Once, I broke my left hand in 1998, I still continued playing as a goalie, a one handed goalie with a cast on the other hand. Played in a competition in primary school and managed to get to the final only to lose to a team full of offensive player. I will never forget the one mistake I made that caused the lost. It was in extra time where first team to score will win. A shot came... I dive to my right and saved the ball... but it doesn't end there... I was skidding like a car drifting on a wet road until one part of the field where the pitch is quite uneven (you know school field condition). My right leg bump into the ball in my arms and went into the goal. I know... it's stupid and funny.

I continued footballing into my secondary school life. During which most of the people started calling me the best goalkeeper in the school when I was in form 2/3. Ok... why did i not join the football club? Because I'm just too lazy. My successful career ended prematurely when I suffered appendicitis near the end of form 4. I had hard time moving around, and don't mention jumping. It was then I noticed my cat-like agility is deteriorating. Now, I feel I have a more successful career playing as outfield player. Scoring a couple of goals and sometimes prevented some. Maybe due to my early career as a goalie, I did not develop sufficient amount of stamina to play through the clock. So now... I continue playing still but switched to futsal and playing mainly winger.

Haha... actually there's more to my footballing life than what I have written. But I just gave you the highlight. My idol was and still is Peter Schmeichel, google him up. Oh... got another futsal game in the evening for me.

I think I have writen enough for this time. I'll come back later with more updates to my life, past, present and future.


Joe out~


  1. time ask me along for weekend Dr.Ow has said,I look ill..and I need bring me along okie??

  2. haha....who knows ...after a football match...pei ling undergoes deformation....wakakkaa....

  3. errrr... y after sports will sound more.... teruk one... =.=|||