Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OMG~ the intensity

Hi everyone,

It's me again... errr... of course it's gonna be me, who else... ok... cut the crap.

It's gonna be time for exam later today but i find it too tense to keep on studying, so... here's my post. Oh... sorry guys... it's not about what happen in April... it's something else.

Every coursemate of mine is in a worried yet relaxed state now... including me... but actually mine is worried but lazy state. Herm... I kept thinking, i know some of you thought of this as well... Why do we have Exam??? Perhaps some of the easiest answers would be "To let us know where we stand", "To evaluate us" or "To know how much we've learn". But really... is it that simple? I would like to hear some of your creative answers, comment this post with your answers. Mine? it's gonna be like this :
1. To use up all the extra paper the office accidentally bought extra last sem.
2. To punish us for not listening in class.
3. To make sure we work our a** off as the staffs are working hard during these periods too.
4. To make us increase the hit counter they have on lecturers site. As we need to go on their web to grab the ultimate lecture notes. Maybe they have a popular lecturer site contest.
5. Last but not least, to use the Exam Hall.... else... when do you find that place useful?

Study break is suppose to be a break from studying... isn't it? but... we end up studying more during study break than our normal school'ing/uni'ing (not unicorn, it's university). And... that reminds me... who says that uni is honey moon period deserves a whacking from us Uni students.... it's not... i can assure you that I'm working twice... three times... or 4x... more than during school.

Thanks for reading my post. I think next post is when i sum up what happened in April... if something else doesn't come up. Remember to reply this with your creative answer.

Joe out~


  1. haha..that's so true..never thought of break is the week where we shall have a break from study..let's complain this to the management!!

  2. exam..but give us tips to study! =="
    study week??? i think is a "hell" time that passed from the first sem til now...

  3. hahahhah.........
    agree wif u, uni is totally not a honey moon
    == oso dunno y last time those ppl say so

  4. Purpose of punish lecturers?

  5. maybe lecturers hate us...
    come out some questions to show off and prove they are intelligent enough.... :P

  6. weee... cool... more comment on this please... hooray

  7. evaluate???never thought of that as reason.Maybe exam is sth that let you pass your course,as 50% continuous assessment is not enough...(haha)