Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Happening; Monday Fever

Hi all,

I'm back again from the seat in the company i'm training.

In the place i'm working in, me and my partners-in-crime do notice some strange happening in our company after just one week of working or 8 days to be precise. It's like the movie "The Happening"(2008) directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It came all of a sudden without warning.

What am i talking about? It's the Monday Fever. On tuesday to friday, you can see that everyone is talking like they just don't care, people switch on their ringtone as loud as possible especially on friday. On friday, you can listen to all sorts of ringtone, it's like a nightclub in here, some that i even dance to.

BUT on Monday... everything is different, it's like we're in Silent Hill, a Zombie plagued town, where everyone don't give a damn at what you are doing. They just don't care if you break your neck, got yourself covered with blood cause you just killed someone in the pantry or if you just blow up the company's toilet.

Haha... just hope that in the future when i got the chance of establishing my own company, my company won't be like that. Else... it's gonna be so scary, maybe that time i'll just make the light flicker like those in horror movies or maybe not.

Do leave a comment if you have anything in your mind after reading the happening.

That's all folks,

Joe out~


  1. yes..I will be your witness..they don't talk at all on monday and they talk like as tho they are in pasar malam from tuesday til friday..even now they talk like they are talking to the whole company..=.=
    I can know what they are talking about,where they are going after work, and even who they are celebrating for..what's their mum's name,dad's name,and how many siblings they have..what they ate and even when they go toilet...I can know their name without needing to approach and getting to know them.I feel like I am working in the pasar malam instead.
    On monday,I feel like I am the only person working in this company..
    This is the reason why people say monday fever...I guess..

  2. really have sth like this?need to experience myself i think cause cannot imagine such thing would happen.monday fever,hmmmmm....

  3. it's quite fact...
    as you can feel friday is coming....
    from the changes in atmosphere around....