Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reducing Frequency

Hi guys and gals...

It's a tiring and boring week for me as I started my internship already. After 3 days of work though not doing any work. I find myself very exhausted after work and difficult to get enough energy to write up a good post.

I'll try to make this as interesting as possible as I'm way too tired. Maybe due to waking at time my body is not used to. My nocturnal characteristic proves no good in the working world. I'll make sure I establish an organisation which does not require me to wake too early, maybe I'll go work at 10am. That's a nice time, then end the work at 7:30 pm, That be good. Just nice for dinner then go for a midnight movie. By the end of 2 weeks, I would have watched every showcasing movie. Hahahaha.

Ok, the exhaustion has got the best of me, feeling I'm crapping way too much. Blogging is kinda good way to loosen up myself. Just blog to release stress. I advise, blog for a better lifestyle.

That's all guys and gals,

Joe out~


  1. then maybe you should come hua com.we work from 10am(like what you hope) until 10pm(you still can go to watch midnight movie).The place is near bukit bintang,so no worry for miss your movie just --> time

  2. You should try out like what Varnyx has suggested...

  3. Yea.... but until 10pm... =.=|||... so scary

    they take SE majoring meh? hahaha... Bukit bintang... 10 minutes i can reach home liao

  4. So near ar...from your home to bukit bintang....

  5. Bukit Bintang got one shortcut to go my housing area very fast de

  6. huh...pass by jalan cheras de ar?

  7. aiyaya....haha...then..nvm tell me where's the shortcut...i also dunno de la...