Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunday Evening Futsal Session~


This is quite a late post as you can see someone at the chatbox being too impatient. Please ah... control yourselves, people please. Ok... back to the title. Finally I managed to get someone to take picture of me playing futsal and it's during one of the rare days that I actually play well. This post is gonna be action-packed

It's somewhere in Subang, I'm not sure where is it as I was closing my eyes meditating in preparation for the game (fuh... sounded so pro). Listening to some songs to calm myself actually as i lose stamina more rapidly in nervous state. but still i ended up drained pretty fast.

As soon as the game started, I chested down the long pass from my teammate and attempted a greedy shot from the left side of the court. IT'S A GOAL!!! I myself was surprise enough. Picture on the left is showing me waiting and preying like a hawk. Actually lazing up court.

When you play too much offense, you'll waste your team's defense. Actually it should be "when your lazing too much up court, you'll waste your team's defense" for my case. Played INCREDIBLE offensive futsal but TERRIBLE defensive game. Scored abundance of goals, it was like i'm on steroid.

After the 1st goal... it took some time before i scored the second one. After the 1st goal, I went on defense but not quite a player back there. Maybe it's because i'm not used to playing with them, I mean this is the second time playing with them. Team play and build up play were not impressive, passes flew everywhere even some with no recipient. The picture on the right is of me taking a corner kick. As some of you might have guessed it right, there's no recipient for this kick as I see the ball sailing across the court.

Oh yeah... by the way, that's me in Milan jersey. And yeah... I don't look that elegant really. I just enjoy playing futsal, it's all that i need to know during the game. ENJOY. Really had a lot of fun although not really knowing my teammate. The game had connected us and allow us to work towards the same goal. After awhile they started to place their trust in me when I received pass after pass. And all i did was try my best to turn these passes into goals.

Like what my previous post mentioned, my stamina just don't allow me to play for two hours straight. After some time, I could hardly be able to run. When it's the time when my stamina habis drained, you'll see me just walking around up court waiting and expecting people to pass me the ball. Easy said is lazy la. My playing style is usually hardwork then lazy. Run like mad during the early part then laze like a sloth towards the end.

With me going too tired, lazy and my shoes broken in two parts, both on the right shoe, my passes and shots gone bad. Hah... but in the picture on the right, I dedicated my last ounce of concentration and energy into this middle field shot. IT'S ANOTHER GOAL!!! The second to last goal that I scored before we wrap up and end the game. The last goal was a simple push/tap goal. Was really happy that day because played really well. The satisfaction is there when i feel i played a good game. I scored about... 4... 7... can't actually remember because I just scored too much. (sounded a bit cocky eh... haha... I'm not that cocky a person... but seriously, it's that much... hahaha)

Too bad none of the pictures are of me scoring goal. Perhaps there will be another futsal session in the future where i can get someone to take more pictures for me. Haha... been writing while thinking then fell asleep, woke and continue writing this post. You might not understand much about what happened.

If you need to know more about what happened, tell me. I'll try to elaborate.

Joe out~

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