Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Late Post~


It's another late post again. It's been quite some time for a new post now aight. Ok, here we go. Been to quite some place one of which is Chili in Midvalley. Not quite sure what's the full name of that place so just let's call it Chili. It was friday night, 15/5... I was working back then. Work finished at 5:30, but the gathering was at... 8 i think... can't remember much la... old already ma. After work, i just took a long nap in the office. Woke at the perfect time and start heading to Midvalley Megamall. When i reached that time, the queue was quite long. Took us a long time to get places in there. We had quite a meal. Me as usual, Lamb Chopping all the way all the time.

Ze pictuarrrr below are Ze Lamb Chop, Ze Fish n' Chips, Ze Roti Canai?? (can't remember the name of that roti canai thing) and also Ze Chocolate crust on top of Ze Ice Cream on top of Ze Brownie, Chocolate ice cream brownie thingy that I also forget the name. Looks nice and yummy no? After the filling meal, we went for a movie. That night was the Premiere of Angels and Demons (imagine me flapping wings and then making a horn gesture, that's what i do when i say Angels and Demons). The movie was OK OK la to me but it's very boring to my friend sitting next to me, Lai. He was expecting more action but... as most of you know, this is just not that kind of movie.

After the movie, it's already 3am in the morning. Guess what, the place i parked my car is different from everyone. Haha, I have to walk my way through the dark halls of Midvalley alone. On top of that, my stomach has to ache at such beautiful time. What more can I say... of course look for toilet la. The toilet was so silent and you can hear the water dripping... and the humming of strange song... Oh... the humming was me... hahahaaaa. Kinda in a gila-gila mood now.

That aside... my futsal companion finally broke into pieces T.T... that is my futsal shoes. Got time i'll take a picture for your viewing. Without them, my game wasn't as i wanted. Control is out, braking gone, shot painful, and nothing seems to be right. Barefoot is the way i used to play but now, it's something unfamiliar to me.

I think that's it from me now. One of my future post will be about these lovely shoes that have endured tough times with me.

Joe out~


  1.'s scary for the toilet part..If I were you, I would tahan til I reach home..Sounds more like scary/ghost/horror movie I always watched...Half way in the toilet then a 'Thing' hanging on top of you...arhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  2. haha,i agree with peiling.3am walking through the parking lot and even to toilet really sounds scary to me.luckily you not seeing any angel or demon there.

  3. No la... hanging on top not scary... when a hand touch your shoulder then a head come out from between your legs... muahahahahaaaa

    But still ok la... some of the shops got some little light still shining.... not so bright... a lil dim.... but enough to see the hall way la... else i sure langgar here n there