Monday, June 15, 2009

My Birthday~

Hey ya...

As some of you might know, my burfday just went past. Me, my gal and my family went to Dome's cafe... wee, it's food feast. As you see... me and my gal shared this... errr... fish something... shoot... I'm just myself... forgetting the name all the time. the next time i need to directly blog after i had the meal. If i'm not mistaken, it should be fish fillet with butter sauce or something really similar. You guy's just gotta go there and try them. On the left, that's my cup of drink. Chocolate blend with coffee. The sweet scent of chocolate added to the aroma of coffee, can you just smell how lovely that could be. My gal chose Vienna, fresh aromatic coffee with chocolate powder spread on top, the cup behind is it.

On yours, yours and your right is my cute gal that i would like to share everything, my whole life with. Some of you may have seen her before and some have yet to. Let me make a brief introduction to her for few of you. She's Jo Ling, my gal, that's all. Haha... it wouldn't be nice if i write everything about her here. You'll just have to explore into the part of world we shared to the public.

Ok... let's continue with our food. After that scrumptious meal, i got my slice of cake. Don't ask me what it's called... i have no idea as i'm not involved in the selection but this is how it looks like:
Looks nice isn't it? The lower layer is chocolate cake, and the white part is kinda like a mixture of white chocolate and cheesecake and those on top are chocolate chips. Haha... or perhaps i got everything mix up. Shared that slice of cake with everyone. It's just that fun. This is the celebration i got from my family.

Another celebration was from my Uni friends... they (technically) bought me a pair of futsal shoes that i loved so much. I really do appreciate that but it's really too expensive for me accept them. Push that aside, we celebrated by having a dinner/supper/dinper/supner or whatever you called it, the combination of both realm. Looky at our food :See the food, mine sounded very grand. It's Cheese baked rice with Norwegian Salmon in Danish Cheese. How much more grand can it sound from Kim Gari? It comes together with tasteless dessert, a Bosch soup (my cream soup habis dy) and a cup of cold yin yong. Oh oh... by the way, these are the babies i wanted:
Look at how beautiful it is... i'm looking for the same exact color Nike T-5 sized 7.5UK. It's the rarest of it's kind. Please i beg all souls out there to get me a pair... as i would pay you any amount... i mean ANY AMOUNT
... below RM300. It's just that hard to find.

Actually there's another celebration with my school friends, i took no pictures but i would like to mention their names here, teng kiu to Weng Hong, PoE, KokHong, KokHoe, Lum, CheeHung, PeiLing, SooMei and all of you that had given me good wishes. I really appreciate them. Oh... i just remembered i managed to make some of you out there to hutang me present... Hahaha... I'll be waiting for them and i'll keep bugging you till you gimme. Haahahahahahaa

Joe out~

P.S: Ops... forgot to tell the story of my tough old shoes. They'll most prolly be featured in the coming post.


  1. fuuyor~~~ new sport shoes...hehe..good lo~~~ u miss out the ice cream...T.T...
    this year money help u celebrate o~ next time double back to u lo..k!! hehe..

  2. haha...the feeling is terrible... when having meal with two die-hard cheese lover....LOL....

  3. haha...yuhoo..Joe,give me five!!!piakkk...We shall have cheese outing next time...wahaha..and bring susu along to torture her...Anyway,do hope you really enjoy your buttday..opss what did I just said? it's birthday...

  4. oh... thanks... long time no see dy

  5. sob...sob....bully chain's back....anyway...hope you really enjoyed ur buttday (yeah...giv me 5...ling ling)...

  6. errr.... gila ah both of u?

  7. because of you la...

    this is the side effect of sitting next to you everyday...of cos...except weekends la...(>.<)...

  8. mauhauhauhau...

    good gila'ness is contagious

  9. once i's no return.....muahaha...