Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hi all,

I'd been thinking this or that all the time. I think most of you had been experiencing the same thing at least once in your life time. Sometimes even after making the first decision, you will eventually get yourselves back into the zone of uncertainty. Thinking about "am I making the right choice?" or even "am I doing the right thing?". Yeah... things often happen that way.

After typing this far... Me myself drop into that uncertainty as I am not sure what have I been typing about or what am I gonna type next.

*As I sit in front of my laptop, gazing blankly into the hypnotizing television of mine, things kinda make lil to no sense*

This post is gonna be that pointless, pointless to the point of no return. Guess my mind had gone into THAT state... clear blue sky. It's as clear as a clear blue sky, most of ya might be thinking crystal is clearer. BUT... is it as calm as the sky... with breeze gently touches your skin... it carries your worries away. Haha... some of you might turned oh-god-he's-gonna-crap-again state by now.

Anyway, things above are why I like to look blankly into the sky. Even when I'm driving, playing futsal, walking and practically everything. I sometimes do look up in the office and felt I'm on an operation table in the surgeon room as those lights are quite blinding (as some of you might not know, I have a lengthy record with quite a few hospital. Will get into this in the future).

Ok... back to our title. There are times like that when you have to share it with all your friends, get their opinions. Some might give you things you don't like but it shows that they care. All the uncertainties kept to yourself will be something hard and daunting. As my best friend, Zam always says "sharing is caring". The credit goes to you dude... although the thing you always wanted me to share with you is my moolah. Hope to be seeing you again my friend.

Path crosses in the end

Joe out~


  1. bro? ur post seen like u understand somethings..==???

  2. Er..are you ok? are lost?but you don't seems to be when you are in office..the first paragraph was making me so into your blog..and then when I continue to look at the second one,I am doink'ed by it.Hahaha..keep it up 'Boy'..

  3. haha...anything happened that inspire you to write this post.....?

  4. I suddenly think of the words 'this' and 'that'. They prompted me to write this

  5. speechless*.....btw...not yet found your dream shoes ar?

  6. ya,where is your futsal shoes that you owe us for so long?

  7. There you go.... the ancient futsal shoes