Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here comes my new babies~

Hey yo...

This post is all about my new babies. Haha... they are not the ones in the picture that i posted previously (those... i think it's too expensive la). But none the less i love these babies a whole dang lot. Look at how sexy they are.

And they are the ADIDAS SUPER SALA VIII. Just look at their seductive sex appeal, how they make people drool over them. Even when i'm working... i kept wanting to go home fast to look at them. Besides getting myself a nice pair of shoes, I even grab a futsal ball for me to train myself.

Oh... by the way, there are difference between a futsal ball and a football pitch ball. One of which that is quite obvious would be the size. Pitch ball is size 5 while a futsal ball is more like a size 4 ball. Another not so obvious difference is the rebound/bounce off the ground, the futsal ball has a weak bounce as compared to pitch ball due tothe size of the playing area. Even the futsal shoes have different types and are different to pitch boots (notice when i mention futsal, it's shoes and when it's football, it's boots). I'll get into that in my future post... so... keep yourselves updated.

These shoes may be debutting later tonight and of course I'll be writing about the experience and the joy. Hopefully my weakened and bruised foot would not kill a good debut like this.

Joe out~

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