Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Recent Luck Went Bad


Recently I'm facing all these strange bad luck incident. You might be thinking what happened or how bad is that?

Ok... the one with the biggest impact is... My phone is dead. How dead is a phone dead? Doing nothing a phone could do. When you press on the power button, it just went into a white screen and that's it. No more. Been trying all the possible/unscientific way to save it but to no avail. T.T the phone that accompanied me for more than 3 years. All my contacts, notes, calendar appointment and whatever I put in the phone is now buried together with the phone. How sad can that be?

Then yesterday or errr on Thursday, I planned to wake at 9am so I can gather with my friends at UM for phototaking session but I end up waking at 4am in the morning, only to fell back to sleep around 7am. The consequence is that I woke at 12:30pm with lotsa unsettled things to do. I rushed to the Maybank and try to open an account for my internship company. I fill in the form and then the receptionist told me, "Sorry la bang, line hari ni lambat. Sistem down. Erm boleh tak datang besok?". And me goes, "BESOK~~~???", in my head goes, "isn't it Labor day tomorrow???" =.=|||. After my errr... melodic reply only did he remembered it's Labor day. He then directed me to go Maybank in Taman Putra and Pandan Jaya. And so... the journey continues. I drove myself to Pandan Jaya's Maybank run to the counter, waited for the receptionist and run straight to my counter (no need number, how good). So, I handed in my filled form, pass the clerk my Mykad, Driver's license and Student card. When he tried to access my Mykad, I told him the chip is damaged. He then replied me, that I can't open an account if the bank can't access my Mykad. I was stunned.

So... what to do next? I kept asking myself, settle Mykad problem or go gather with friends. After some thinking, i chose to settle my business first. I drove myself again, to the nearest Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) in Maluri. Ran up again and got my number... 361. I looked at the number of waiting customer in the piece of paper, it's 40!!! So, I tried to estimate how long it will take them to serve 10 customers. It took them an hour and it's already 3pm. Finally they opened up a few more counters, the traffic is a lil better now. Got everything done around 4:30pm. Now... I'm thinking, should I fly to my friends in 1U or go Queen's Park to browse for a new futsal shoes. OK... I decided to gamble and go 1U. Got to meet up with some of friends (Fan Sheng, Li Theen, Kai Sien and Pei Ling). Play some pool and go makan makan. Me, Fan Sheng and Li Theen went to Original Kayu to grab ourselves food to feast on. I ate Nasi Kandar with Mutton Curry, Curry Chicken and Egg, and it costs me RM14.50. Quite the wallet driller I would say.

After our dinner session, I sent Li Theen back to college. Guess what... I borrowed a O2 Atom Exec from Soo Mei via Li Theen and forgot to get the charger from Li Theen. =.=|||. The pda phone lasted for about 4 hours... and says good night to me.

Yesterday, something happened to my sim card as well as the temporary 3110 phone display an error message, "No SIM Card". I then ask myself... "What was it in the SIM slot if there is NO SIM card?". I pulled the SIM card out and placed it in. The error repeated for a couple of times before the problem is gone.

After that incident, I drove to Queen's Park with an objective to buy myself a pair of Futsal shoes from NIKE as they're having a warehouse sale there. When I reached at around 7:15pm, I noticed a big signboard of the warehouse sales. I was so enthusiat then. When I continue reading the signboard... This came "From 10:00am to 6:00pm". I was stunned again.

Ouch... I think I just crapped too much again this time. I'll leave here and let everything hanging about.

Joe out~


  1. poor poor wai chor..don't worry..will get back to your luck very soon..>.< Just an incident..

  2. Come get the charger from me on Monday. I'll be at 8th.

  3. Me so noob... just notice de pda can be charged using an usb transfer cable i had for my psp

  4. There, you're not so unlucky after all. ;)

  5. it's ok.just think that everything will end with april.may is another whole new month to live with.haha.